WoldPeace is a North American conservation/science educator, truth-seeker, writer, world traveler, avid birder/gardener, and self-taught artist based in northeastern US. The intention of this blog is to help fellow humans sharpen their critical thinking skills by learning the craft of asking the right questions, learning how to find original sources, discerning shills, trolls, fake news, fake science, and propaganda; engaging in independent thinking and analysis, and resolving cognitive dissonance that may result when lies have been exposed. Each layer can take days or weeks to process and resolve. There comes a point where you simply have to get over it, make a decision about how you will live in the world with this new truth. The awakening can cause extreme laughter or temporary depression. Eventually, you must choose how your want to proceed. Knowing truth can give you access to greater personal power, sovereignty, freedom from economic enslavement, authentic self- expression, and increase the rate at which we work toward a restoration of balance to the negative and dark forces which are dominating and driving our world today. This is our common ground, our human evolution depends on it, and is my hope for humanity.

As a former pre-med student, biochemistry researcher, then high school teacher turned yoga teacher, S.Wold knew something was not right with the world and that the education system was not generating logical or creative people. Unwilling to play the matrix game, Wold navigated “outside the box” by unschooling her children (for a period of time) and by becoming entrepreneurial. WoldPeace writes this blog to advocate for personal transformation through independent zetetic research, for alignment with a nonviolent diet, for questioning the status quo and cultural norms, for letting go of belief systems that do not serve us, and for living an inspired life that allows for full self-expression and maximum creativity. This blog will pause from time to time to ensure author clarity and alignment to intention and authenticity. WoldPeace art is inspired by Ai Wei wei, Alex Grey, Siguieros, Santos, Picasso, and Frida Kahlo.  This photo is at a selfi-stop at Ai Weiwei's "Freedom" exhibit at the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, Italy, 2016.