Sugar Maple, 2017


WoldPeace is an independent researcher/writer, truth-seeker, world traveler, avid birder/gardener, long-time meditation practitioner, and artist based in northeastern US. The intention of this blog is to to share insights gained by stepping back outside of social norms to research taboo topics the media avoids, dismisses, makes fun of, or does not go deep enough into investigation. It is becoming increasingly difficult to know what is true and fake, what is disinformation, what is distortion or obfuscation, what is propaganda, and who is a shill. Therefore, I welcome comments to keep the blog as truthful as possible (preferably with links to references to back up your claims). Simultaneously, I think it is important to stay humble as there is much out there we may never know for 100% certainty (e.g. what is the Pope hiding in his massive underground library??? Omissions of history?). My experience of having taken the “red pill” in May of 2018 led to a rude awakening to the many lies we have been told about our history and science. I do not claim to know the truth, but I am certain of the massive lies and distortions we have been indoctrinated with through “education” and Hollywood. I strive to stay humble and not knowing, for it is in knowing we humans become divided. However, in order to function in the world with these awakenings, it is challenging. I try to remind myself that seeing the lies is not the same as knowing the truth. Seeing the lies is knowing the truth about the lies. Finding the truth about what was lied about requires great scrutiny and constant questioning, new theories, and ongoing collaborative research, and to be diligent about discerning what is fact, what is evidence, what is conjecture, and what is theory. When we get sloppy with this, as elite academics have been prone to do, we turn theories into fact and then we get divided. With this blog, I do pledge to be diligent about integrity, to do due diligence about research and reveal my sources, and do my best to be responsible and transparent about my thinking process. My intention is to work for the greater good to support others on a similar truth-seeking path and for our human awakening to the lies we’ve been told about money, economics, history, and science which were all invented (e.g. by the Royal Society) to keep us dumbed-down and enslaved in servitude to the elite who care not for the planet.

As a teenager, a former biochemistry researcher, then high school science teacher, I knew something was not right with the world and that the education system was not generating logical, happy, or creative people. Unwilling to play the career game, I navigated “outside the box” and became entrepreneurial in order to maintain free speech. This blog will pause from time to time to allocate time to process and integrate new truths and hopefully gain clarity and alignment to intention and authenticity.