From Vegetarian to Vegan

I found if I say I want to do something, and then don't or "can't" is because I needed more information to convince me and needed to set up a structure to sustain the switch. I also had to get honest with myself and identify the hardest part of going vegan for me was to give up my favorite dairy sweet treats which was tied to an emotional issue that I had to discern as a habit and consciously choose to let go of the habit and the emotion, which I did. Then, the switch from 28 years of vegetarian to solid vegan has been easy to sustain with the following structure:

1. set a significant date for going vegan

2. gave myself enough time to finish off the dairy and empty my fridge and pantry of all dairy products

3. started to reconnect with vegan friends and asked questions

4. joined local and online vegan groups (Facebook, Meetup,...)

5. watched all of the food documentaries or animal ethics videos when I wanted to reaffirm my conviction

6. googled questions whenever I had a question

7. had to be willing to make time to plan meals and snacks, which later will become a new habit, but does take time at the beginning to learn how much protein you need for each meal.  Pack protein snacks in case your meal was low in protein and you need the snack to carry you through to the next meal.  

8. figure out where you can and can't eat out when you need to eat out.

9. start reading ingredient labels; so much food has dairy in it and it's unnecessary.

10. how to links for support:

--How to Go Vegan by Be Fair Be Vegan:
-- How to Go Vegan by International Vegan Association:
-- How to Go Vegan by Go Vegan World:
-- How to Go Vegan by South Florida Vegan Education Group: